Which Geyser is Better? Gas Or Electric Geysers

Which Geyser is Better? Gas Or Electric Geysers

Which Geyser is Better? Gas Or Electric Geysers?

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Which Geyser is Better? Gas Or Electric Geysers
Which is Better? Gas or Electric Geyser

If you are out to buy a geyser for yourself and don’t know much about the difference between a gas geyser and an electric geyser, then you might have a problem in selecting between the two.

These two work differently

Which Geysers are Better? Gas or Electric Geysers?

There are two types of geysers: Gas Geysers and Electric Geysers, available in the market. 

What are Electric Geysers?

Geysers that heat water using electricity are known as electric geysers or Water Heaters. These are of 2 types:
a). Instant Geysers and
b). Storage Geysers

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Pros & Cons Of Electric Geysers/Water Heaters

Now as you know what electric heaters are let us discuss its advantages and disadvantages:

  • The water heats up at a faster speed
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Longer Lifespan
  • It’s very easy to use
  • These are fully automatic
  • Low upfront costs
  • Best in safety point
  • No pollution as it works on electricity
  • These cannot be used without electricity
  • Loss of Heat: Water does not remain hot for long hours, say 24 hrs. It loses much of its heat
  • High operating costs

How Does An Electric Geyser Work?

You might not be knowing the fact that how does an electric geyser works? Don’t worry. I will lead you through it’s working process. The electricity conveys heat energy to the water in the tank inside an electric geyser.

It works on the principle of convection.

Watch the below video to understand better the Working of an Electric Geyser

What Are Gas Geysers?

As the name tells, the gas geysers use gases like propane and LPG to heat water. These are more popular in metropolitan cities like-Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

They are less power efficient as compared with the electric geysers. They are best for bigger families.
Gas Geysers are of 2 types:

a). Instant Gas Geysers are best for small families or singles where water is needed in small quantities. As these geysers cannot heat a large amount of water at a time

b). Storage Gas Geysers are best for bigger families and can provide hot water in large quantity as they have storage tanks

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Pros & Cons of Gas Geysers/Water Heaters

Gas Geyers have certain advantages and disadvantages which you must know before choosing any type of geyser.
These are

  • These are more energy efficient
  • Have better performance as can heat up to 50-gallon water at a time
  • Takes lesser time as compared to electric heaters to heat water of the same quantity
  • They are relatively cheaper
  • Best for large families
  • Easy to repair
  • No electricity required at all so no tension of power failure
  • You can control both the level & rate of heating in these geysers
  • Also, you can run these geysers on both pipeline and household LPG cylinders
  • Not at all safe, as the gases used for eg. LPG is highly inflammable
  • There is a need for proper ventilation in the area where it is installed
  • Does not have a long lifespan
  • Gas geysers release carbon monoxide, which increases pollution
  • In India, the market for gas geysers are very small
  • Generally, instant gas geysers are mostly used and storage geysers are not available
  • Can be installed by experts only
  • With the increase in the prices of gases, its cost is also increasing
  • At the base of these geysers, sediments get deposited which has to be removed from time to time

How Does A Gas Geyser Work?

Watch the below video to understand better the Working of a Gas Geyser

Our Verdict:

Reading the advantages & disadvantages of both the gas geysers and electric geysers, I would suggest you go with Electric geysers.

If you have a limited budget then you can go for Gas instant geysers but only if the area where it is to be installed is big and open.

So, if you select an electric geyser then you can choose according to your needs and also read this article on ‘5 Best Selling Low Price Geysers/Water Heaters India-Buyer’s Guide (Oct 2019)’.


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