Sandwich Makers in India 2020-Best Bread Toaster Reviews

sandwich maker in 2020

Best Sandwich Makers in India year 2020: Sandwich makers had been remarkably popular all around the world since they had been developed in the early 1920s. Even until the 70s era they had been widely used to make sandwiches in home. It was solely after that, that quite a lot of different designs got here in and displaced the sandwich maker from its favored place.

Nowadays you get the sandwich presses that not solely toast the bread, but additionally provide the possibility of constructing your sandwiches or panini sandwiches in them. They are additionally not rather more costly than the sandwich makers and are in truth a greater possibility than even the previous toasters.

sandwich maker price in India
Sandwich Makers in India 2020


The toasters that predate the Sandwich Makers are nonetheless widespread at present just because they provide the power to make crispy toast whereas the sandwich maker gives you crispy toast provided that you don’t embrace any butter or cheese or something that can soften and soak into the bread.

Most Sandwich Makers are used usually within a week instantly after you buy it. It is subsequently the choice to get the most affordable one which you will discover later in this post. Going in for a very costly one would solely be a waste of cash. Many of the plastic body sandwich makers are tolerably enough and so long as you do not try to put in a very huge sandwich bread after which it try to clip it shut, even the clip will maintain it self.

The sandwich maker needs in the Year 2020 in India

Sandwich toasters, sometimes called sandwich makers, are cool gadgets for any home. They are easy to use and clean up in a snap. They also add a difference to your regular sandwich making. With this little machine, you can practically make any kind of sandwich.

Everybody loves a great sandwich and it is something you can take with you when you travel, as long as you have access to electricity. It is great for college students and other persons who have limited time and space for meal preparation but still want to have a hot delicious meal.

If you don’t mind having a crusted sandwich in only a few minutes, then the sandwich toaster is made for you. You can discover them in a variety of colours and types. The sandwich maker is adjustable which indicates that you are able to do extra with it then you will do with a regular toaster in home.

In extension to being ready and small, the sandwich toaster is also very easy to use anytime. All you need to do is plug in your sandwich maker, allow it to heat up then place a slice of bread on it, add your favourite filling and cover with the second slice of bread. Close your sandwich toaster and wait a few minutes.

Most sandwich makers have indicator lights on the front that goes from red to green when your sandwich is ready. Overall, this is a great way to create quick and easy meals but also offers versatility for those who have a creative edge.

Uses of a Sandwich Maker in India 2020

Below are few uses of a Sandwich Maker which you should check before buying one for yourself

1). Conserves Time

Time is a major issue when it comes to preparing the morning breakfast. However, this appliance gives you the liberty to prepare lip-smacking sandwiches and other grilled breakfast meals, within a matter of a few minutes. So, sandwich makers are a great way to save your time as well.

2). Simple Usage

The device is very user-friendly and does not require any complex functioning. Therefore, anyone can use it to make tasty and health-friendly breakfast in the home.

3). Consumes Less Space

Sandwich makers are compact and small in size. This makes it a wonderful appliance to be placed in any kitchen, irrespective of its size and shape. Also, because it consumes less space and is light to lift, you can carry it with you, whenever and wherever you want.

4). Conducive To Health

Manufacturing companies design sandwich makers in a way so that minimum oil is used in food preparation. Therefore, snacks prepared in this appliance are absolutely conducive to health.

It comes with a grease eliminator surface, which helps the food to get prepared with minimum or no oil. It is for this reason that breakfast snacks prepared in sandwich makers are completely suitable for health. Also, you can use it to make sandwiches as well as grilling and heating other food items.

5). Easy Maintenance

A sandwich maker is very easy to clean up. Hence it is very simple to manage this device. Mostly, the parts of this toaster are easily detachable, hence it can be disassembled as and when needed.

Although preparing sandwiches in it does not require a lot of grease or oil, sometimes few drops might be required. In this case, oil stains and grease marks can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Therefore, the maintenance of this appliance is completely hassled free.

Not only for preparing sandwiches, but you also use it for preparing various other types of food. It is up to your creativeness and cooking skills. Typically, it is used for heating and grilling.

History of a Sandwich Maker

A sandwich is usually created of two slices of bread with any meat, cheese or vegetable stuffing in the middle with desired sauces. Till the halfway-20th century, Australians and South Africans people used a sandwich maker to make their sandwiches whenever they were travelling anywhere. This tool was not electricity operated and was made of two square pieces of cast iron that were clamped together.

This setup was then held over the fire with the help of tongs or handles. With this heat, the food used to get cooked letting the cheese melt and the meat soften. This tool was largely used during camping when people did not have the provision of cooking a full meal.

With time, when things evolved, it started being operated with the help of electricity. It was the same setup but the heat that was provided was thorough electrical wiring. This electrical appliance was covered with heatproof material so that heat could not escape and cooking of the food could be evenly done without losing the flavours of the item being cooked.

Benefits of Sandwich Maker in India 2020

There are quite a few advantages of using a sandwich maker in India 2020. These are as follows.

  • It is small and can be easily stashed in the kitchen. Most of these kitchen appliances are small in size and do not need too much space on your kitchen shelves.
  • This is portable too. It can be easily carried as well if you are travelling to a place where you might need it.
  • You can clean it easily as the parts of this appliance are detachable. Some sandwich makers are dishwasher safe as well and hence removing stains and oil marks are not difficult.
  • It is healthy to use a sandwich maker as this appliance helps you get rid of excess oil making the food oil-free and healthy, yet delicious. They are manufactured in such a way that too much oil is not required to make the sandwiches and whatever oil you pour into the gadget, the optimum amount is used. Sandwich makers use grease eliminators, hence resulting in healthy cooking.
  • This appliance can be used to make waffles, omelettes, grilled food, or simply to heat ready to eat food. Varied functions make sandwich makers a multi-purpose item. Some of the gadgets come with a grilled structure that gives the sandwiches a grilled look.
  • A sandwich maker is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance because it can also be used for heating as well as grilling your food.

Since the sandwich makers are fairly get priced tags, people find them affordable. This appliance is one of the must-have items in the kitchen. It is an affordable gifting option as well.

What are the basic features to look out for in a Sandwich Maker?

There are certain things you should consider before buying a sandwich griller. I have listed a few for your convenience below which you can check:

1). Toaster Slots – The number of slots in a toaster will decide the number of slices that you may toast. Depending on your usage, you’ll be able to pick ones with two, 4 or six slice-slots. If you prefer to experiment, then ensure that your toaster slots are large and long enough to fit in a variety of bread.

2). Browning Options – How do you want your toast?do you like your sandwichs Sunburnt or pale sandwiches with a lil touch of the gold season or tender and spread with jam – this latest function supports you determine the crispness of the bread crust. This is likely the most important functions of any toaster that allows you the perfect golden slice.

3). Automatic Control – The toaster should switch off automatically as soon as the bread is ready. Besides this, some toasters could require the touch of a button and no lever or regulator settings for toasting the bread. The thermostatic switch or timing machine automatically controls the toasting process.

4). Cancel Button – On a sleepy morning when you get the settings incorrect, the cancel-button could be your saving grace before the toast goes up in smoke.

5). Crumb Tray – Crumb trays make it easier to wash the toaster. This is a must; a tray connected on the backside of the toaster to gather leftover bread crumbs. To make cleansing simple, go for the ones that slide sideways.

6). Self-Centring Slots – Not every toaster has this function but it surely’s quite cool. These grooves secure evenly browned bread no matter how thick or thin the bread is. They contain the bread within the centre of the toaster so that it gets toasted nicely on all side. The slots form a cage across the bread in order to prevent burnt sides from tipping to at least one side.

7). Time – For those quick on-the-go breakfasts, you need to be capable of snatch a toast in a snap. The greater the facility, the faster might be your morning meal served.

8). Body – Today, a toaster is way more than only a bland-looking machine that adds to the crispness of your meal. The look, design, and portability are a few of its important features. There are mainly two kinds of toasters available – plastic-like fibre bodied and ones with chrome or metallic finish. Irrespective of the type you choose, the toaster should have a shock-proof body.

We prefer fibre instead of metallic or the chrome finish. The reason is not to heat up because they have a cool touch body which helps them to stay cool. The plastic housing ensures the user’s safety. Also, your toaster must be lightweight, transferable and small so your kitchen looks neat and clean a d manageable.

The metallic look toasters look nicer but they are heavier which makes them hard to carry around in need. Some toasters have an anti-slip feet design by adding a rubber patch attached at the bottom of a toaster which helps it stay more stable.

5 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2020

There are many sandwich grillers accessible in the market online or offline, to pick the best one for your kitchen it has becomes a bit challenging. So I have listed 5 Best Sandwich Makers in India for 2020 based on the best selling, high customer ratings and most demanded by the customers. So do check these before you decide to buy one.

I. Borosil Sandwich Maker/Griller

Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt

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Borosil Sandwich Maker
Borosil Sandwich Maker/Griller

Features of Borosil Sandwich Maker/Griller

  • Large jumbo-sized grilling plate which makes up to 4 large sandwiches at the same time
  • Oil collector tray which removes excess oil and Slider Type Plate Locking
  • Thermal fuse for extra safety, Cord length: 1 m
  • Nonstick heating plate with grill surface
  • Red Indicator for Power and green indicator for automatic Temperature Control
  • Warranty: 2 years on product.
  • Power: 2000 watts.
  • Voltage-230V AC / 50Hz

II. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)

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Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)
Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)

Features of Philips Sandwich Maker

  • Tasty Sandwiches Made Easy
  • With Easy Lock System and Vertical Storage
  • Perfectly Toasted Sandwich
  • Cut and seal plates seal substances/cheese inside sandwich
  • High temperature for a superbly toasted sandwich
  • High energy for quick heating up
  • In the Easiest Way
  • Easy push down lock system
  • Heating-up and ready-to-cook mild
  • Special non-stick coating makes cleansing simpler
  • Vertical, compact storage
  • Cord winding facility
  • With Maximum Safety
  • Cool contact deal with
  • On/Off swap for further security
  • Rubber toes guarantee it stays in a single place

III. Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)

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Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)
Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)

Features of Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)

  • The all-new Prestige Electric Grill enables you to prepare nice tasting meals without utilizing oil. The electrical grill comes with 1500 watts of a powerful motor. Now, all it takes to cook dinner juicy steaks, sandwiches, mouthwatering sizzlers and even throw a barbecue celebration is to easily be within the temper for it.
  • Superior Non-Stick Coating: The griller is designed with good non-stick coating which prevents meals from sticking to the floor of the grill. Thus making it extremely comfortable and handy to use.
  • Detachable Oil Collector: It comes with a removable oil collector which makes cleaning greasy residues easy.
  • Floating Hinge Design: The Floating hinge design of the electrical grill makes it possible to close the griller even while making thicker sandwiches and ensures it protected and comfortable to use.
  • Temperature Control: The griller comes with a temperature control knob. Turn the knob to set the temperature based on your grilling requirements.

IV. Warmex 4 Slice 1400 Watts Grill Sandwich Maker & Toaster 

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Warmex Griller Sandwich Maker & Toaster
Warmex Griller Sandwich Maker & Toaster

Features of Warmex Griller Sandwich Maker & Toaster

  • This griller prepares tasty and healthy sandwiches for you.
  • It has a high-quality Non-stick coating on the inner plate that ensures sandwich does not stick to it
    Consumes 1400 Watts of power
  • The indicator light indicates you when your sandwiches are cooked
  • Get excellent grilled sandwiches made for you which are so crisp from outer side and really soft on the inside
  • This griller is made with a 90* open grill which makes easy for you to open and place food items for toasting or grilling
  • The ergonomic handle protects your hand from getting burnt and thus use it in an easy way.
  • Comes with a removable drip tray which becomes easy for you to clean your griller
  • Storage compact Lock saves more kitchen space and also locks your griller for better grilling

V. Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

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Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker
Nova Sandwich Grill Maker

Features of Nova Sandwich Grill/Toaster Maker

  • This Griller is of superior quality
  • Non-stick coating
  • Consumes 1000 Watts
  • Requires Voltage to operate: 210-250 Volts
  • Less oil is required to make sandwiches
  • Does toasting and grilling
  • Simple toasts can also be made with this sandwich maker
  • Occupies less space in the kitchen
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated light indicator which indicate when the sandwiches are prepared
  • Easy to clean

So friends with this my article comes to an end. I hope you liked this article on ‘Sandwich Makers in India 2020-Best Bread Toaster Reviews’.

Also, all sandwich makers listed above are good in terms of customer reviews and their performance but I liked Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker to be the best sandwich maker and toaster as it simply works both the functions accoirding to your need. So with the price of one you are getting two devices.

Also, many sandwich makers do not toast the bread so in that case, customers require to buy toasters separately if they have liked for having bread toasts with a cup of tea in their breakfast.

But with Nova sandwich maker and toaster, you need not buy a toaster separately. In terms of price also, it is quite economical and affordable.

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