Best 5 Roti Maker Machine in India 2020-Chapati Bakerr Buying Guide

Roti Maker Machine in India

Best 5 Roti Maker Machine available in India 2020- Home Chapati Maker purchasing Guide

Best Roti Maker Machine in India 2020: Roti, an Indian and Pakistani traditional food staple, is usually made with whole-wheat flour and water. Bajra, Jowar, maize, & rice flours are also being used. It is Being ready mostly the same way as a tortilla is being made, casual food staples available in Mexico and some parts of the United-States.

Roti means tasteless, unleavened bread. Chapati is a kind of roti. It’s produced with the same firm, but flexible, dough (the texture of tender silly putty), and baked on a Tava, which is a flat skillet.

Roti Maker Machine in India
Best Roti Maker Machine in India

Roti is only spelled one way, but you will often find ‘chapati’ spelled ‘chapatti’ or ‘chapathi’. All three versions are correct. However it is spelled, the person in charge of making it nowadays can celebrate. Modern technology has produced the roti maker.

We all lead busy lives so ways to save time in the kitchen are welcomed. Even though the preparation of food generally falls on one family member, teaching the rest of the family to make roti and chapati the easy way is a welcomed lesson.

The Roti maker machine lets the user easily create great roti. Because it is going to be doing most of the work, it is fun to get creative. Add some soya, finely chopped dried fruit, bran, and some nuts to the mixture for a diversity of tastes and nutritional requirements.

Which electrical device is most suitable for making roti and chapati? The one selected as a roti device, chapati device, or tortilla producer. These devices have the plates to produce the form, texture, and style needed. You won’t need a rolling pin, breadboard, or skillet. The roti maker is designed to do all three steps.

What is a Roti Maker (Chapati Maker) & How Does It Works?

This machine works with pressure and heat. You just have to place the dry dough ball on the maker and close the lid, applying pressure. Being an electronic machine, it gets incredibly hot in no time, and the pressure applied with such a hot surface starts to cook the dough up!

The amount of pressure you apply will determine the size of the chapati. The width can also vary with pressure. If you want slim chapatis, you must put little dough and more force, and if you want heavy chapatis, you should do the inverse!

You don’t need to worry about your dough sticking to the lid of the roti maker since most of the manufacturers of such devices use American Non-Stick Coating on the surface of their lids! This layer is the same as that you see in premium and costly Kadhais!

How to Use a Roti Maker?

Want to know how easy it is to make roti with a roti maker? Here are the common steps on how you can make roti with a roti maker:

  • Open the roti maker and connect the plug to the nearest power source. Wait until the indicator lights go off before you sort out the roti patty in the machine. The temperature of the machine, once the indicator lights turn off, will be regulated by the thermostat.
  • Prepare a 1.5-inch dough ball and flatten it slightly off the center on the bottom plate. If you want to make the dough fluffier, you can add a bit of oil on the dough.
  • Close the machine and press down the lever or the handle. Then immediately open the upper plate again. At this stage, the dough is now in the right shape of a roti. Let it sit for 25 seconds.
  • Flip the roti over and wait 25 seconds for the air bubbles to form.
  • As the air bubbles grow, turn the roti over and gently put down the upper plate of the roti maker. In a few seconds, it will puff up from both sides and it will be ready to eat.
  • Once the machine is done, it can be cleaned by wiping the non-stick surface with a cloth. Use a damp cloth if there are stains, remaining residue or oil marks.

Watch the below video to see the working of a Roti Maker Machine

Credit to youtube creator chefmaster

Types of Roti Maker Machine in India

Much like other appliances, roti makers also have different types to fit different environments. In this case, roti makers have two types: electric and automatic.

a). Electric Roti Maker

An electric roti maker is the most common type of roti maker sold in the market. The presser is comprised of two hot plates which can be heated by electricity. It can be pressed together to cook rotis evenly.

Electric roti makers do not just bake rotis. Few models can bake flatbreads for example parathas or chakras.

b). Automatic Roti Maker

This type of roti maker bakes roti and other tasty flatbreads without any human help. The consumer just easily has to store all the elements, choose the right thing you want to bake and then let the baker do all. The maker will then notify the user by buzzing when roti or bread is being baked fully.

This right roti baker is for those who want to make more than one type of rotis. These roti bakers come with big space, which makes it achievable.

a). Top 5 Best Electric Roti Maker Machine in India 2020

I have listed 5 Best Electric Roti Maker Machines in India in 2020. These Rotimatic Makers work only with the help of electricity.

I. Prestige Roti Maker

( PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel )

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Prestige Roti Maker Machine


Key Features of Prestige Roti Maker

  • This roti maker machine has a stainless Steel Body
  • It can easily Make Chapati & Other Items
  • 900 Watt Power
  • Has a non-stick Plate

II. BAJAJ Chapati Maker

C-02 (Silver)
VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick

Check Price On AMAZON

BAJAJ VACCO is without doubt one of the Largest Range High Quality, Popular Brand of Home Electrical Appliances, well-known all through by everyone who is living in the Country for Over 60 Years.

BAJAJ VACCO goals to supply the highest quality merchandise which can be real, long-lasting, and reasonably priced to the frequent man. Our goal is to supply to our prospects a wonderful, magnificent and pleasant expertise, constructing exemplary merchandise, thus making certain full satisfaction stage for our prospects.

Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker

Key Features of the Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker

  • The Automatic Electric Roti / Chapati / Khakra Maker by BAJAJ VACCO powered with computerized cut-off function has been engineered to make it possible for the rotis that you just eat are mild, fluffy, and similar to those you see in TV commercials, reminding you of your Homemade chapattis.
  • The machine is mild and simple to deal with and may make many perfectly round rotis within minutes. 
  • The roti /chapati maker may also turn out to be useful throughout household features and festivals when you want to cook dinner for a bigger gathering. 
  • The output wattage is 900W and the working voltage is 230 to 240V AC at 50Hz
  • Shockproof, sturdy, sturdy chrome steel physique
  • Power-on LED indicator, warmth resistant bakelite – lifting & urgent handles
  • Made of top of the range meals grade Teflon coated non-stick plates (Tawa)
  • Makes completely round and puffed up rotis in minutes
  • Multipurpose – makes khakhras paranthas kulchas papads and many others. does all frying pan & sauté jobs

III. Sunflame Roti Maker

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Sunflame Roti Maker


Key Features of the Sunflame Roti Maker

  •  230V AC – 900 Watts
  •  Food grade non-stick coated
    cooking plate
  •  Oil-free cooking
  •  Uniform heating
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Equipped with thermostat for safety
  •  Power ON indicator

IV. XODI Eagle/National Roti Maker

( Chapati-Khakhra Maker || Shock Proof || Non-Stick || Stainless Steel ||) (Silver)

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Roti Maker Machine in India
XODI Roti Maker

Key Features of XODI Roti Maker

  • XODI Electricals – Over 60 years outdated National Company with Tradition of High Quality and Un-conditional After Sales Services.
  • Automatic Electric Chapati/Roti/Khakra Maker: This roti maker has been crafted with most precision to make it possible for nothing in need of the BEST rotis / chapattis / khakras attain your plate each time. Rotis / chapattis which are mild, fluffy, fast.
  • High high-quality parts: The roti/chapati – maker has been manufactured from the superior-high-quality tubular component. The Tawa has been manufactured from the greatest meals grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminum.
  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof physique and warmth resistant handles: The roti/chapati – maker is ultra-safe having a shockproof physique and a warmth resistant handles. This makes certain that you should utilize the rotis/chapattis maker to make as many rotis/chapattis for you and your loved ones at one go. 
  • Automatic cut-off characteristic with indicator mild: This roti/chapati – maker has a pre-determined (fastened temperature) computerized cut-off characteristic which cuts-off the warmth provide to the roti/chapati – maker and regulates the temperature. The LED indicator mild turns ‘off’ when the machine is able to take your ‘dough ball’.

V. Hilton Roti Maker

( Multy-Utility) With Stainless Steel Lid )

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Hilton Roti Maker

Key Features of Hilton Roti Maker

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Non-Stick Coating

b). Best Automatic Roti Maker Machines in India 2020

I. Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker

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Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker

Key Features of Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker

  • Ease-of-use is on the very core of the Rotimatic design and so long as you retain the Rotimatic ingredient containers crammed, you’ll be able to take pleasure in rotis on the contact of a button and cleansing it up can be straightforward with two detachable, dishwasher-friendly elements.
  • Every roti is spherical, evenly cooked, and puffed with three separate layers. Rotimatic can retain style, vitamin, and freshness.
  • Rotimatic is constructed with IoT smarts, so it learns with each new roti, will get upgraded continuously, and is all the time working with the most recent firmware.
  • Staying linked to WiFi offers you entry to the most recent downloads of recipes — masala rotis, puris, tortillas, pizzas and so that you make extra than simply rotis.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a roti maker

A roti maker is not just capable of making rotis. It can really help you to cook other tasty bake like paper dosa and pancakes and other same dishes. If you are considering to buying a roti baker, here are few of the disadvantages & advantages of buying one.

Advantages of Roti baker in India
1). Lets you do other things

Roti bakers give you full command of what you can do in your kitchen. Consumers just has to place the dough in the baker, set it on a timer and let the maker do its work.and on same time Consumers can do other things which they need to do to prepare their food.

2). Healthy

Having a roti maker at home assures users that the roti they make is of high quality. Users have full control of what ingredients can be used for the roti and adjust everything to their standard. No more purchasing Rotis made from the streets or fast-food chains.

3). One-touch

If one has the best roti maker in the market at home, they do not have to worry about roti cooking. Simply press one button and the roti will be cooked perfectly.

4). Mess-free

The best roti maker has the ability to bake rotis without making a mayhem thankfulness to its non-stick covering. Some of the best roti bakers in India do not use cooking oil.

Disadvantages of a Roti Maker Machine in India
  1. You cannot eat rotis after 2-3 hrs of making them, as they turn hard
  2. The frozen dough cannot be used for making rotis in a roti maker, the only fresh dough can be used
  3. Buying a Low-Quality Roti maker may be harmful. As low-cost roti makers do not have heat resistant handles to protect you from burning
  4. They do not have shock-proof safety
  5. Need to be more careful while cleaning

What You Should Consider While Buying Your Electric Roti Maker

Roti makers have gotten more and more well-liked, within the period of quick dwelling. This electrical roti maker is a boon for individuals who discover much less time to cook dinner at residence and who want to eat homemade, hygienic and scrumptious chappatis.

But you will need to purchase roti makers of top of the range because it shouldn’t burn the dish and make it delicate and scrumptious. Here are a number of factors of concern that one ought to take note of.

The choices that now we have chosen for you additionally strictly adhere to this industry-standard since it’s an important function to have in a roti maker! What to contemplate earlier than shopping for any Roti Maker.

  • Analyzing the Functioning: A chapati or roti maker is an electrical system that’s meant to make the lives of individuals higher. They function beneath electrical energy and remodel a dough ball right into a flat roti, by making use of strain from each its base plates. The plates then generate warmth, which cooks the roti, making it delicate and fluffy. It is multi-functional and it’s potential to cook dinner different dosa varieties as properly through the use of it as an open pan and without urgent its handles. Choose a machine that caters to all these working functionalities to understand the very best worth for the cash spent on them.
  • Understand the Use: Roti makers are supposed to ease out the difficulties related to making chapatis, they need to ideally make wonderful rotis of 1mm thick inside a couple of minutes and maybe capable to cook dinner different tiffin varieties corresponding to uttapams, dosas, parathas, and so on.
  • Look into the model identity of the roti maker: select a reputed and well-known model, in order that its buyer help crew is basically out there for after-sale service and repairs. Inspect the product completely earlier than selecting to purchase it for faults and repairs. Especially, search for the on/off indication mild bulb to keep away from accidents whereas cooking, particularly when children are round.
  • Griddle materials: the griddle or the heating plates of the roti maker are typically made from cast aluminum. Check for the aluminum-made physique because it helps in equal warmth distribution and cooks roti evenly. The griddle plates might be of a non-stick layer in order that the flour would not stick with it. It’s a good choice to purchase electrical roti makers of 8″ to 10″ in diameter.
  • Temperature: The cooking floor of the electrical roti maker ought to be capable to attain 425 levels Celsius for higher outcomes. But the ability issue is determined by the fabric used to solid it, the griddle dimension and so forth. 750 watts is required for a griddle of dimension 10″ and 250 watts are required for its cowl.
  • Safety: Since the roti maker operates beneath energy, it will be significant for it to be made from a shockproof physique. Accidents related to energy leakage are to be prevented, verify the protection requirements of the model earlier than shopping for them.

Thus, roti makers are an awesome tool for any kitchen and could be used by bachelors, working women, students easily and its importance should not be neglected.

How to make Puffy Rotis with your roti maker?

Using a roti maker is very simple with just a few steps. We have written everything from starting to bottom. Read every point and ultimately bake the puffy rotis as you get attracted in the commercial.

Dough Making:

  • Sieve the atta/flour to remove any grains or hard particles
  • Add some water and salt for taste
  • Add a few drops of oil/butter/ghee for more softness and taste
  • Knead the dough unit it reaches a soft and sticky consistency

Setting the dough aside

  • Let the dough rest for 30-1 hour.
  • Take it out after 1 hour and start making small dough balls.

Prepare the roti Maker

  • Switch the roti maker on
  • Set it to the highest temperature wait for the indicator light to turn green. The green means the griddle is hot enough and ready for making roti.

Making Roti

  • Taken the dough ball and flatten it a little; you don’t need to make it thin and round.
  • Put the ball little off-center towards the handle
  • Close the top and gently press it to flatten the ball. Open it immediately
  • Cook the roti for a few seconds
  • Flip the side when you see bubbles appearing
  • Turn the roti and cook both the sides evenly
  • The roti will puff up on its own

Do’s & Don’ts of a Roti Maker Machine in India

Here is a list of a few dos and don’ts which you can follow to keep your roti baker in a good shape in all the years.

  1. Put the dough balls when the roti maker is hot enough. Wait for the ON indicator to show.
  2. Don’t press the handle too hard. As too much pressure can bend or break it or tear the uncooked soft roti
  3. Never try to wash, use water or wet cloths to clean the surface to the roti maker
  4. Wipeout any dough or flour if left on the surface after using it
  5. Be careful while the surface is hot, you may burn your hands
  6. Take a cloth and drape it around the handle and then press the lid
  7. Don’t place the roti maker in a damp area
  8. If any damage or problem occurs please seek professional help; don’t try to fix it yourself

Why should you buy Roti Makers Online?

Some people assume that the products sold online are used by someone else or they are second-hand products. This has no basis. Sites like are in the market for decades and have trust worldwide. People from all over the world are purchasing new products every day every second from

Moreover, you get discounts and better payment options. If you don’t have full money don’t worry there are EMI options and sometimes no-cost EMI. Which offline store can offer you this? You will get the delivery within 6-7 days at your place or office.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can, by any means, apply for an exchange, return or refund of your amount.



Last but not least, I hope you liked this article on ‘Top 5 Best Roti Maker Machine in India 2020-Chapati Maker Buying Guide’.

With a technically superior body, an adjustable temperature control knob, a 1-year warranty, a stainless steel body, and a shockproof and cool plastic fiber handle, the Prestige PRM Stainless Steel Roti Maker comes to our top list of the top 5 Best Roti Maker Machine in India.

While this is our list, we would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. What is your take on this? Did we miss out on anything? Do you have any doubts about the function of a roti maker? Please feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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