Front Load Vs Top Load Washers | The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Front Load Vs Top Load Washers
Front Load Vs Top Load Washers

Front Load Vs Top Load Washers | The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Which washing machine to buy? Front Load or Top Load Washers? Semi-automatic or fully automatic?

Hello guys, are you thinking for a washing machine to purchase? You are in the right spot as I will take you into many things you should take into thoughtfulness before buying the best washing machine for your house.

Most significant matter, talking about purchasing a laundry machine about 10-15 yrs back, it was a dream appliance. The washing machine was supposed to be an expensive item. But nowadays, with changing times & conditions a ‘Washing Machine’ has grown one of the most important machines for each home & family.

Front Load VS Top Load Washing Machine

But it’s not easy to buy ‘The Best Washing Machine’ without having any prior knowledge as there are so many brands in India and to find the best one according to your need & budget is difficult. So, you can easily make a choice now after reading this post.  

Which washing machine to buy? The Ultimate Guide

There are a few factors which you should consider before you can choose the right Washing Machine for yourself. These are:-

Should be easy to use: Top-Loading washers are more convenient as you do not have to bend down to load or unload clothes.
Washing Machine, whichever you select should wash quickly. Top-Loading washing machines with an agitator tend to wash clothes faster as compared to front-loading washing machines. This is because clothes are immersed in water in top load washers.
Measure the space to ensure a perfect fit for the washing machine.
Choose the Capacity of the washing machine as the tub size is given in all models.
Determine the size of the washer: How big a washing machine you need depends on your family size.
Temperatures & Wash Cycles: This is an important factor to keep in mind which is required for cleaning less dirty or very dirty clothes. As some people want to have specific cycles for clothes like delicate, heavy soiled laundry, etc which is possible only in manual selection options for temperature rather than auto temperature settings
Dial controls are still common in many washing machines, as digital controls are mostly used by all Top brands. Some washing machines are wi-fi controlled and operated. So, you can get notified on your mobile phones once the washing cycle is completed.
Cleaning cycles: These cycles are just cleaning off your washing machines by running the washer empty using the cleaning agents provided by that particular company only.
Some washing machines will alert you when it’s time to run the cleaning cycle after a number of washing cycles. This is meant for front loading washing machines to reduce the soap build-up and remove odors.

Choosing between Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine

Before you buy the best washing machine for yourself, firstly consider the type of washing machine you need. You have two types of washing machines available in the market:

I. Top-Load Washers or

II. Front-Load Washers.

I. Top-Load Washers

These are of two types:

a). Semi-automatic top-loading washing machines

b). Fully-automatic top-loading Washing Machines  

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A). Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: Like the name tells you that it involves manual work during the washing process. It has two different sections one for washing and the other for rinsing & drying the clothes.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines are only available in top-load type machine.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

  • Continuous water supply is not required.
  • Less amount of water & electricity is consumed.
  • Water can be poured manually.
  • Washing requires less time.
  • Less expensive than Fully Automatic Washing Machines.
  • It saves detergent as the same detergent can be used first for white clothes and then again for colored clothes. You can also add the clothes if needed in between the wash cycle.
  • No more bending for those having backache problems.
  • Washing Machines with agitator model gives you more space in the tub for washing bigger clothes than models with impellers.
  • Traditional agitator’s top loaders can give you better cleaning removing tough and heavy stains from clothes. Some top-load washers allow you to override the water levels so that you can choose your own water level.
  • It is bigger in size & requires more space.
  • Manual Intervention is needed to transfer clothes from the compartment to another.
  • Most of the controls are manual.
  • Top Load washers that allow you to fill the water level according to your choice are not as energy efficient as auto-fill washers.
  • Heavy clothes like bed sheets and towels can be tangled up around the agitator.

B). Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines

Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machines: A fully-automatic top-loading washing machine has only one compartment which does washing, rinsing & drying. Therefore, the transfer of clothes is not required.

This washing machine requires no manual intervention during the entire washing process.

These washing machines use either agitator systems or impeller systems, similar to semi-automatic machines. Top-loading machines can be of the Pulsator wash type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machines

  • They are cheaper as compared to front-loading fully automatic washing machines.
  • These washing machines are much lighter and easily moved.
  • These washing machines don’t need any manual setup during the entire washing time.
  • Their wash quality is better than semi-automatic washing machines.
  • Too much water is consumed.
  • Running speed of water is needed for the machine for the washing clothes.
  • During the wash cycle, no clothes can be added to the machine.

II. Front Load Washers

Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machines

This is the most advanced category of the washing machine. These have a transparent door lid at the front of the machine. This type of washing machine has a horizontal tub that uses a tumbling action system to clean clothes.

Front loading washing machines have more capacity in the drum, hence many clothes can be placed inside the drum for washing.

Front Load Washers
Advantages and Disadvantages of Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • These machines give the best wash quality and have a larger drum capacity so they can wash more clothes at a time.
  • These have a built-in heater.
  • They consume less electricity, water, and detergent when compared to fully automatic top-loading washing machines.
  • They are the best for gentle clothes.
  • The front-load machines have a number of wash programs.
  • They have a variable spin speed depending on the material of the clothes.
  • These washing machines are the most expensive machines.
  • These require regular water flow and thus consumes a large amount of water.
  • Clothes cannot be added in between the wash cycle.
  • The time duration of the Wash cycle is longer.
  • It consumes a large amount of electricity.

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Brief Comparison between Semi-Automatic, Top Load Full Automatic & Front Load Fully Automatic Washers:

TypeSemi AutomaticTop Load Fully
Front Load
Fully Automatic
No. Of Tubs211
Wash QualityAverageGood Best
Human InterventionMoreLessVery Less
Wash Cycle SpeedFastestFastSlow
Continuous Water SupplyNot Required100% Required100% Required
Can Clothes be added in betweenYesYesYes
Fuzzy logic NoYesYes
Machine WeightVery LessModerateVery Heavy
Machine SpaceRequires More PlaceLess Less
Machine CapacityLessLessVery Spacious
Hot WashNoFewAll
Electric SafetyModerateYesYes
PriceRs. 8,000-15,000Rs. 15,000-40,000Rs. 25,000-60,000


Finally, friends, I hope you must have liked this article on ‘Front Load Vs Top Load | The Ultimate Buyers Guide’. Now, you must have understood the basic differences between front load washers and top load washers.

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