Agitator Washer VS Impeller Washer | Best Guide of Comparison

Agitator washer vs impeller washer
Agitator washer vs impeller washer

Hello guys, are you thinking to purchase a new washing machine for yourself? Then, you force be ready to know about all the points of a good washing machine as there are a number of companies making washing machines. In this article, I will be telling you about ‘Agitator Washer VS Impeller Washer’.

Being original to this market, you might not have much thought about the types of washing machines accessible in India. This is necessary to know as the washing machine is not the inexpensive material that can be bought again and again.

So having good knowledge about it would be a wise decision. So for that read this article till the end.

Agitator Washer VS Impeller Washer | Clearcut Guide to know the comparison
Agitator Washers vs Impeller Washers

There are 2 types of washing machines available in the market coming from all brands. These are:
a). Fully Automatic- both top loading and front loading
b). Semi-automatic comes with only top-loading washing machines

Top Loading (Fully Automatic Washing Machines)

These washing machines are of 2 types:
a). Agitator Washers and
b). Impeller Washers

A). Agitator Washers:

Agitator Washer VS Impeller Washer | Clearcut Guide to know the comparison
Agitator Washers

An agitator is a device within the washer that creates motion by shaking and forcing water through the machine which leads to vibration in the machine.

Some corporations are still making regular top load washers with agitators in the tubs to clean the clothes inside.

These washers use more water and have less capacity than newer models.

Among all the major features of the best washing machine, one of the most important features is the Agitator. ( See more in ourFront Load Vs Top Load | Semi-automatic Vs Fully automatic | The Ultimate buyers guide’.)

Some companies are still making traditional top load washers to clean the clothes with agitators in the tub.

These washers use more water and have less capacity than newer models.

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An Agitator Washing Machine may be the right choice for you if…

1) If you need more aggressive or more powerful cleaning for very dirty clothes like denim, canvas, etc. This is best suited for heavy soiled fabrics.
2) You won’t mind that this type of washer will use more water and consumes more electricity.
3) If you want to spend less on your washing machine.

How do agitator washer clean clothes?

Washing Machines with agitator is the most commonly used until now. Some people think that the agitator washers can remove the toughest stains from your clothes without being tough on clothes.

The agitator washers provide a number of wash motions for a good cleaning which includes :

  • Spraying Action: In this, the machine soaks clothes with water, recirculated from the wash/rinse cycle
  • Here the clothes rotate for a hard-hitting cleaning.
  • Agitator Action: Here the agitator rubs against the clothes to help the stains to break down thus removing dirt.
  • Here agitator rub against clothes to remove dirt
  • Shorter wash times. The entire process of washing takes less time as compared to the Impeller Washers.
  • Less space in the wash basket for clothes.
  • These are noisier.
  • Top Loading washers with agitator wash quickly
  • Top load washers with agitators are cheaper than those with the impeller.
  • Agitator washers spin at a speed of 800 RPM.

B). Impeller Washers:

Agitator Washer VS Impeller Washer | Clearcut Guide to know the comparison
Impeller Washers

The washing machines with impeller is a great feature added to give you extra capacity. New high-efficiency Top Loading washing machines do not have agitators in the tub. Thus, the agitators have

been replaced by the impellers which are at the bottom of the tub and thus, are designed to move the

laundry to the bottom to do the washing. The main difference between agitator & impeller, apart from that impeller nowadays, are more common in

The high-efficient (HE) washing machines, is that impeller is more gentle on clothes, comparatively. So with impeller washer in the tub, your clothes will experience less wear & tear as compared to an agitator washer.

But the clothes washed in Agitator drums are more cleaned due to the harsh motion than clothes washed in impeller drums.

How does Impeller washer clean your clothes?

In an impeller, the washing machine depends on the drum motions to rub clothes against each other which results in the gentle and clean wash as compared to that of agitator washers.

A washing machine with an impeller washer uses less motion, water and electricity than an agitator washer. Thus, it is also designed that clothes have extra space to move around while getting washed.

It uses a small amount of water to optimize friction. Due to this, it gives a gentle yet efficient clean wash to your clothes.

The Impeller washers also have multiple wash motions. These are :

  • Spraying Action: In this, the machine soaks clothes with water, recirculated from the wash/rinse cycle.
  • Wash basket Action: Rotates clothes for deep and gentle cleaning.
  • It uses cones, wheels, discs or fins which spins gently and rub the clothes against each other
  • Here clothes rub against each other to remove dirt and give a gentle clean wash.
  • Shorter dry times due to high spin speed.
  • More room in the wash basket for heavy clothes and easy loading and unloading
  • It makes less noise.
  • Top load washers without an agitator (that means with impeller) are good for gentle fabrics.
  • It has more capacity as the drum size is larger so it can clean more clothes at a time and thus, saves water and energy.
  • High Efficiency (HE) or impeller washers spin at a high speed of 1,000 – 1,300 RPM (depending on the model).
  • So higher the spin speed, more water is extracted in the washer, thus leaving less work for the dryer.
  • So, the dryer needs less time to dry the clothes which in turn, saves time and energy.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide :

Friends, by now you must have read and learned regarding the diversity and working of both agitator washer and impeller washer. Both these washers perform optimally when they are accurately placed.
For both the washers, before loading the clothes, you should check whether the clothes are evenly placed around the central spindle (in case of Agitator Washer) or around wash plate (in case of impeller washer), so that the wash basket is balanced, as unbalanced clothes are not cleaned properly and it can also damage the washing machine.

So friends, was this article helpful for you to understand the concept of Agitator Washer vs Impeller washers. If yes, then please write a few words about what you learned from this article.


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